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Mama's World Famous was started in 2019, when Mama, Jess Lesure started to add medicinal cannabis to her already wonderful peanut butter truffle recipe. In 2017 Jess moved from Clarksburg, Massachusetts to Bowdoinham, Maine where she started experimenting with cannabis into her sweet treats for her father who has glaucoma. Jess always had a passion for cooking, baking, the resturaunt industry, and making people feel better on the inside and out. After just a few batches for her father Jess decided that if her truffles not only tasted so fantasic but they could help people that this is what she had been meant to do in life. MAMAS WORLD FAMOUS WAS BORN!!! Now with the help of her daughter, Lexx they are lauching a line of cannabis truffles, a bribery ball, coconut blast, chocolate bomb, a cappucino dream, and a rotating seasonal truffle. Truffle are the perfect poppable treat with the perfect about of THC just for you! 

Mamas World Fam​ous

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